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Resilient Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Mission-Critical Technology

Cybersecurity services tailored to safeguard your organization’s environment with a compliant, cost-effective, and maintainable solution.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2017 by Michael Brown, BST is a small business that specializes in cybersecurity solutions and services for some of the nation’s most sensitive systems and networks. Our team also helps commercial clients protect their information technology and operational technology (IT/OT) infrastructure as well as to comply with the certification requirements for secure processing of unclassified information.

Our Services

BST delivers high value, low-risk cybersecurity services and solutions including:

Systems Engineering Services

Our system requirements management, assessment, and testing services enable our clients to optimize and maintain their network and devices’ performance, security, reliability, and functionality throughout that technology’s lifecycle.

System Security Assessment and Vulnerability Management Services

We recognize the unique requirements associated with safeguarding critical infrastructure against internal threats and external attacks. Indeed, our combination of knowledge and experience enables us to identify system vulnerabilities and provide clients with cost-effective remediation for a diverse range of environments.

Cybersecurity Engineering and Analytical Services

Our cybersecurity solutions ensure our clients’ organizations possess the resilience to withstand the wide-ranging risks posed by rapidly evolving cyber threats.

Why Choose Us?

We deliver tailored cybersecurity solutions that cost-effectively balance our clients’ business and cybersecurity needs to achieve systems and infrastructure resilience. We achieve high-quality results through the rigorous application of professional and ethical standards, driven by our commitment to find solutions that create value for all our stakeholders.


means BST acts responsibly and follows ethical practices in all that we undertake on behalf of our staff, clients, and stakeholders.


ensures the integration of other foundational standards, including honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability. We strive to do the right thing consistently and to the highest standard.


is essential to our operations. Truth and accuracy matter in all interactions and communications with our staff, clients, and BST stakeholders.


conveys the importance of treating everyone with dignity, fairness, understanding, and compassion. All deserve equal access to opportunity.

Corporate Experience

Services and solutions founded on more than 25 years of experience in security architecture, engineering, assessment, vulnerability management, and continuous monitoring for clients in the US government, industry, and academia.

BST staff members average more than 25 years of experience in leading cybersecurity initiatives to secure mission-critical systems. They have worked for clients in the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Intelligence Community (IC). Service to the DoD and IC includes the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Reconnaissance Office, and the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

BST cybersecurity solutions for these clients successfully architected, engineered, and sustained security solutions for classified cloud environments, cross-domain intelligence information systems, identity management and access control systems, and enterprise messaging systems.

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Product and Service Codes:

R425 Support: Professional: Engineering/Technical

DA01 IT and Telecom: Business Application/Application Development Support Services (Labor)

DD01 IT and Telecom: Service Delivery Support Services: ITSM, Operations Center, Project/PM (Labor)

DF01 IT and Telecom: IT Management Support Services (Labor)

DJ01 IT and Telecom: Security and Compliance Support Services (Labor)

D310 IT and Telecom: Cyber Security and Data Backup

DJ01 IT and Telecom: Security And Compliance Support Services (Labor)

7J20 IT and Telecom: Security And Compliance Products (Hardware and Perpetual License Software)

NAICS Codes:

541512: Computer Systems Design Services

541519: Other Computer Related Services

541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

541511: Custom Computer Programming

Clients We’ve Served

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BST succeeds when our staff succeeds, so we strive to deliver an encouraging work environment and satisfying career opportunities. Employees’ health and well-being are among our foremost concerns, and we prioritize work-life balance and employee engagement.

Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities and services,  partnering with us, or joining our team, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.